Bishop of Rome

Bishop of Rome
the head of the Roman Catholic Church
Derivationally related forms: ↑pontifical (for: ↑pontiff), ↑papal (for: ↑pope)
Hypernyms: ↑spiritual leader, ↑Catholic
Hyponyms: ↑antipope
Instance Hyponyms:
Alexander VI, ↑Pope Alexander VI, ↑Borgia, ↑Rodrigo Borgia, ↑Benedict XIV, ↑Prospero Lambertini, ↑Benedict XV, ↑Giacomo della Chiesa, ↑Boniface VIII, ↑Benedetto Caetani, ↑Calixtus II, ↑Guy of Burgundy, ↑Calixtus III, ↑Alfonso Borgia, ↑Clement VII, ↑Giulio de' Medici, ↑Clement XI, ↑Giovanni Francesco Albani, ↑Clement XIV, ↑Lorenzo Ganganelli, ↑Gregory, ↑Gregory I, ↑Saint Gregory I, ↑St. Gregory I, ↑Gregory the Great, ↑Gregory VII, ↑Hildebrand, ↑Gregory XII, ↑Angelo Correr, ↑Gregory XIII, ↑Ugo Buoncompagni, ↑Gregory XVI, ↑Bartolomeo Alberto Capillari, ↑Innocent III, ↑Lotario di Segni, ↑Innocent VIII, ↑Giovanni Battista Cibo, ↑Innocent XI, ↑Benedetto Odescalchi, ↑Innocent XII, ↑Antonio Pignatelli, ↑John XXIII, ↑Angelo Guiseppe Roncalli, ↑John Paul I, ↑Albino Luciano, ↑John Paul II, ↑Karol Wojtyla, ↑Leo I, ↑St. Leo I, ↑Leo the Great, ↑Leo III, ↑Leo IX, ↑Bruno, ↑Bruno of Toul, ↑Leo X, ↑Giovanni de'Medici, ↑Leo XIII, ↑Gioacchino Pecci, ↑Giovanni Vincenzo Pecci, ↑Martin V, ↑Oddone Colonna, ↑Nicholas V, ↑Tomasso Parentucelli, ↑Paul III, ↑Alessandro Farnese, ↑Paul VI, ↑Giovanni Battista Montini, ↑Pius II, ↑Aeneas Silvius, ↑Enea Silvio Piccolomini, ↑Pius V, ↑Antonio Ghislieri, ↑Pius VI, ↑Giovanni Angelo Braschi, ↑Giannangelo Braschi, ↑Pius VII, ↑Barnaba Chiaramonti, ↑Luigi Barnaba Gregorio Chiaramonti, ↑Pius IX, ↑Giovanni Mastai-Ferretti, ↑Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, ↑Pius X, ↑Giuseppe Sarto, ↑Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto, ↑Pius XI, ↑Achille Ratti, ↑Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti, ↑Pius XII, ↑Eugenio Pacelli, ↑Sixtus IV, ↑Francesco della Rovere, ↑Sylvester II, ↑Gerbert, ↑Urban II, ↑Odo, ↑Odo of Lagery, ↑Otho, ↑Otho of Lagery, ↑Urban V, ↑Guillaume de Grimoard, ↑Urban VI, ↑Bartolomeo Prignano, ↑Urban VIII, ↑Maffeo Barberini
Member Holonyms: ↑papacy, ↑pontificate

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